4 Home Remedies For Newborn Cough / Cold

4 Home Remedies For Newborn Cough / Cold


Weather changes/ winters/ rain- all seem to test our kid's immunity nowadays. 4 days in school and children start coughing or have a runny nose! Haven't we all noticed this immunity drop in our kids?!

A common cold is a viral infection of your baby's nose and throat. Nasal congestion and a runny nose are the main signs of a cold. They very easily catch a cold or cough as they are have not yet developed immunity to many common infections.

Over-the-counter cold medicines aren’t recommended for children under 2, but a few all-natural remedies can help ease your little one’s symptoms and make you both feel better:

1. Serve warm soups or chicken Soup or broth: Granma was right !!  Research has shown that the nutrients in the ingredients of Chicken Soup and Veggies ease the inflammation that causes many cold symptoms. And sipping the warm broth can thin mucus and clear up congestion. Even if the baby is new to solids, you can blend the soup or just serve the little one broth. 

2. Keep Baby Well Hydrated : When there is enough water in the body, the mucus the body makes becomes thinner, making it easier to cough and blow the nose.

3. Saline Nasal Spray or Drops : Use saline nasal spray or drops to soften the dried mucus and then suction or blow out the mucus.

4. Bedtime is Better With a Humidifier  : A cool-mist humidifier in the nursery or your child's room helps moisten nasal passages, which may soothe a sore throat and ease those haunting nighttime coughs. Ensure to change the water and clean the filter every other day to avoid germ build-up. And keep away from hot-water humidifiers, which can pose a burn risk to young kids, should they accidentally topple over.


Cough & Cold is a common problem in infants, more so in this weather and pollution! As a mom, you will be concerned about your baby's well being.

However,  staying calm and observing the symptoms is the way to go. If your baby exhibits any more warning signs, immediately consult your paediatrician.

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