7 Myths About Pregnancy That Every Mommy Should Know

7 Myths About Pregnancy That Every Mommy Should Know

Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing process. However, it can be overwhelming for first time mums with the overload of information on the internet. Here are 7 common pregnancy myths busted once for all.

# Myth No 1 : Stay Off The Sweets

Some people might tell you to stay off sweets as they might shoot up your cholesterol levels. Latest research has shown that women who eat 5-6 servings a week of chocolates during their third semester have a 40% lower risk of developing the dangerous high blood pressure condition known as preclampsia.


# Myth No 2 : Don’t Exercise

False False False. To be honest we can’t emphasise enough on how false this myth is. Moderate exercise is actually very beneficial for pregnant women. Please go for a long walk as soon as you are done reading this article.


# Myth 3 : Stay Away From Sea Food

The Reality is that sea food is loaded with Omega 3 Fatty acid and is low in mercury which during pregnancy produces smarter kids.


# Myth 4 : A Foetus Is Unaffected By What’s Happening Outside.

This is not true. Whatever you eat, breathe and encounter during your day your foetus is impacted by it. Researches have shown that the music you hear during pregnancy impacts your baby.


# Myth 5 : If Your Mother Had An Easy Pregnancy, So Will You

Hereditary factors have no role to play in predicting the difficulty of your pregnancy. Factors such as size of your baby, your lifestyle and your diet are the determining factors.


# Myth 6 : Sex = Hurting The Baby

This is the most common and the most absurd myth. There are seven layers of skin from the abdominal wall to the amniotic sac that are present to protect your baby. Your cervix has lengthened and hardened to prevent anything from getting into the uterus, and it also produces mucus to keep the area clean and infection free. Having sex cannot reach, touch or harm your baby. 


# Myth 7 : Don’t Sleep On Your Back, It will hurt the baby

Though it is more comfortable if you sleep on your side, but if you personally find sleeping on the back more comfortable then go ahead do it. Sleeping positions have nothing to do with hurting the baby unless you plan to sleep on a bed of nails :P

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