5 easy gifts for a new Dad or Dad-to-be!

5 easy gifts for a new Dad or Dad-to-be!

Let's be honest, one thing’s for sure: There’s no shortage of ideas for gifts for new moms. But new and expecting Dads deserve some recognition too! This Father's day make him feel special for all his love and support with these simple ideas!

1) A Hep Baby Carrier

As a Dad-to-be or new Dad, you may think you don’t need a baby carrier because you have arms. Duh. So why buy something that serves the same purpose?
But he’ll be carrying that little sack of potatoes around a lot. And while he’ll get quite good at performing everyday tasks with just one hand free, some things are just tricky and so a baby carrier makes a perfect gift. Works for both new Dad's and Dad-to-be's!

Baby Carrier Momzjoy Pregnancy Maternity Clothes India Fathers Day

2) I love Dad Baby Gear

He probably won't admit it, but Dad secretly loves it when your baby wears "I Love Daddy" clothes and bibs. So balance out the "I Heart Mommy" wardrobe you acquired at your baby shower with some onesies!

momzjoy fathers day gift


3) Little Gifts that Mean a lot

For a new Dad , just transform baby’s new print in to something creative like a card , something he can treasure and would love to keep forever, The best part? You don't have to possess artistic super powers to pull this one off. And for Dad-to-be you can't go wrong with a heartfelt or humorous card that he can treasure and display. Make it extra special by tucking some chocolate cigars — or booties, diaper pins, a bib, or other small baby items — into your greeting 

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 4) A Cool Diaper Bag

 You might have heard this one before: Get the new Dad or Dad-to be his own diaper bag - a man bag - so he doesn’t feel embarrassed when he ends up carrying it. Baby stores now stock plenty of navy, green, and black bags. Diaper bags come in different styles, too - look for diaper backpacks, fanny packs, and sporty duffles. This too can be gifted to a new Dad or Dad-to-be.

Momzjoy Diaper Bag Fathers Day Maternity Fashion

5) A Book Just for Daddy to Read

Parents love reading bedtime stories to their children because it’s a time to connect, cuddle and wind down. If you know the man in your life has a favourite children’s book, pick up a new copy he can read to the new baby. If not, choose a story you know he’ll love. It’ll be his own bedtime story to read to the little one.

 Baby Reading Momzjoy Maternity Fashion

And lastly more important than any of the above, gift him the love and affection he deserves for being there to support you through thick and thin. Shower him with the love and he'll be the happiest !

Momzjoy Fathers Day Card






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  • You missed 2nd point, in this article.

    Please check it, there is only 4 points are there.

    Raja Ramesh

    Raja Ramesh

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1 comment

  • You missed 2nd point, in this article.

    Please check it, there is only 4 points are there.

    Raja Ramesh

    Raja Ramesh

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