7 Great Reasons to Breastfeed your Baby

7 Great Reasons to Breastfeed your Baby

There is a high probability that you've heard about some of the benefits of breastfeeding. But we're willing to bet there are still some selling points that may surprise you. The benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition.We've listed some of them for you.

 1. Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breastfeeding reduces mama’s risk of ovarian and breast cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.  The longer she breastfeeds, the higher the benefit.  In fact, a woman who breastfeeds for 8 years has nearly a 0% risk of breast cancer.

breast cancer

 2. Saves Money

Breast feeding saves a family around 100,000-150,000 rupees annually (If You Compare It With A Formula)



3. Will Help You Reduce Weight

Breastfeeding can help mama return to her pre-baby weight.  It takes 1000 calories a day on average to produce breast milk.  Women are advised to consume an extra 500 calories a day, and the body dips into reserves it built up in pregnancy to make the rest (it’s important to consume those extra calories or the body actually goes into “starvation mode” and holds onto the reserves).


4. Helps Your Baby Sleep Well 

Human milk contains substances that promote sleep and calmness in babies (who doesn’t love that?)  Breastfeeding also calms mama and helps her bond to baby.

baby sleep


5. Lowers The Risk Of SIDS

Breast feeding drastically reduces the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)



6. Helps In Good Denture Development

 Breastfeeding reduces baby’s risk of cavities later on and may lower the chance they will need braces as kids.

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7. You Sleep Better

 Women who breastfeed their kids sleep more than women who don’t. On an average 45 minutes more.



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