So you feel like it's time to loose your post pregnancy belly and get fit ? It is advised to start exercising after minimum 6 weeks from delivery when you feel your body is ready. It's always good to consult a doctor before you start your work out.These fun exercises will not only make you feel happy and active, but will also strengthen your bond with your little one !

Here are 5 fun exercises that you can enjoy with your little angel :

1. The Baby Walk - priceless time together!

Walking is a full body exercise that strengthens your lower body and works on all body parts. It is great to begin with. Carry your baby with you and spend priceless time together. 

Momzjoy - maternity fashion -  Baby Walk 

2. The Carrier Squat - the sweetest way to tone your legs!

This is the sweetest way to tone your legs. Strap your baby to your body and stand with your feet wide apart. Distance between your feet should be equal to your shoulder width. Bend your knees with back straight half way with weight on your heels and stand again. Repeat 12 times in 3 sets.


 3. Front Carrier Lunges - who needs weights when you have a bundle of joy to lift!

Complete a set of regular lunges, with legs wide open and stopping at the bottom. Slowly return to your normal position. Laugh with your baby after each bend. Enjoy this fun game while toning your legs. 

 Momzjoy - maternity fashion -  Front Lunges

 3. Front Carrier Lunges - toning your arms is now kid's play!

Lie flat on your back with baby held comfortably on your legs. Lift the baby and then lift your legs straight to the ceiling. This will tone your arms and legs. Repeat 12 times in three sets. 

Momzjoy - maternity fashion -  Baby Weight Knee Ups

5. Peek-a-boo Plank - great to make faces at your little one!

Make your baby lie down on the yoga mat and get into plank position facing the baby. Elbows touching the ground, legs straight and body weight on your toes, make sure you keep your bum in line with the body. Aim to complete 15 seconds in three sets. Momzjoy - maternity fashion -  peek-a-boo plank


1. Make sure you listen to your body and don’t over exert. Do as much as you are comfortable. You have taken almost a year to bring your baby into this world, so don’t hesitate to give time to your body to get back to normal.

2. Be sure to wear comfortable yoga pants while exercising that stretch and are lightweight for loosing those kilos in style. You can shop our extremely comfortable yoga pants at an affordable price at : Momzjoy soft stretch yoga pants

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