8 Weird Yet Cool Scientific Facts About Pregnancy

Posted on July 19 2016

1. The Longest Known Pregnancy Lasted for 375 days (1 year 10 days)

Yes you heard it right! While a normal pregnancy lasts for around 280 days, Beaulah Hunter’s lasted for 375 days.

Momzjoy Did You Know Pregnancy Weird Facts




2. There Are More Twins Born In Central Africa Than Anywhere In The World


3. Babies Can Taste The Food Their Mothers Eat

Studies have shown that strong flavours like that of garlic can pass through the amniotic fluid in the womb. 

8 Weird Pregnancy Facts Momzjoy Online Maternity Fashion India

4. It Is Possible To Get Pregnant Through Oral Sex - Yes it happened!

A girl from Lesotho born without a vagina became pregnant when she was stabbed in the stomach after performing oral sex on her boyfriend. Seriously! This is an Actual thing that happened.

8 Weird Pregnancy Facts Momzjoy Online Maternity Fashion


5. Babies Drink Their Own Pee In The Uterus!

This Starts Happening Somewhere Around The Second Trimester


Weird Facts Pregnancy Momzjoy Pregnancy Fashion Online India

6. Pregnant Women Can Lactate Automatically If They Hear A Baby Crying (Even If Its Not Their Baby)



7. For Every 2000 Babies, One Is Born With A Tooth

Momzjoy Did You Know Pregnancy Weird Facts


8. A Woman’s Uterus Expands To More Than 500 Times Its Normal Size During The Course Of Pregnancy.

Momzjoy Weird FactS Pregnancy


Pretty cool right?!



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