Quarantined With Your Kids? Here Are 5 Activities to Keep Them Busy

The best kids activities are not only a matter of fun, killing boredom, passing time, and getting them off your backs but should also be about bonding and proper child development. This quarantine has given you the opportunity for this – grab and run with it!

    Quoting David Rockefeller, ‘If necessity is the mother of invention, then discontent happens to be the father of progress.’ Schools all across the globe have shut down as the aftermath of the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Will you make the best of these moments with your family or just stay bored to death and distant??

    We have compiled 5 of the most creative and engaging kids activities for this period that will enable your little ones to learn a thing or two and improve their creative capacities. If they are still toddlers, get them the best baby gear and you’re good to go!


    Kids love some color in their lives – be it puzzles, books, or boards, let it scream with color!

    1. Creative Kids Activities during Quarantine

    Psychologists believe that every child is an artist – it's in our DNA; the problem becomes whether one maintains that artistry as they grow up. Get them an art-book to draw in and color pencils if they don’t have those.

    Get crazy with them in all their insanity!

    Also, check online and prepare puzzles for them. Vary them depending on their ages and also take part and see how quickly you solve them yourself.

    2. Engaging Kids Activities

    You can engage them with the best children’s books and read along with them as you ask them their takeout. The books should instil discipline and a character in them and give them a sense of imagination. 

    Consider a dive for their outside activities.

    Since they won't be reading all day long, engage the older ones in more resourceful activities like building a tent in the backyard or a play fort. Moreover, you can use daily chores like cooking as practical academic learning for them.

    3. Time-Consuming Kids Activities

    This could be fun activities for kids like hiding stuff and sending them on a treasure hunt with clues on how to get to the next item, giving them time to watch animal documentaries with questions to be asked afterwards, training the dog to perform certain tricks and such like things.

    4. Bonding Kids Activities

    Remember we mentioned this is time to bond and get to know your children? Have an indoor picnic and everyone should have a list of items they should purpose to bring along. You can also write letters (old school letters) to far-away relatives or even to one another in the family.

    5. Extra Kids Activities

    All play no work makes Jack a mere toy! 

    Kids’ activities such as checkers, board games like chess, and playing cards will get you in your childish spirit. When you’ve had enough of indoor activities for kids, get outside as a family for nature walks and open up. Also, teach them a thing or two about their surroundings.

    Like adults, remember that kids also get bored and they need time to pause and hit the reset button. Some will just sleep, others will sit to watch TV while others will just sit and stare. Either way, make sure they aren’t being too idle. How full is your bucket for kids activities?

    Author’s Bio: 

    Amalia Liberman, a wife and a mother of two as well as a novelist and writer, she has been featured in Women's Health magazine and also written different articles in lifestyle magazines. Her roles as a mother and a social worker have allowed her to gain immense experience in communicating with children who are faced with uncertainties in life. Having worked with kids for over fifteen years now, she’s well versed in most issues affecting children and their physical and psychological development. Her passions lead her to search out knowledge and she doesn’t mind sharing her findings.  

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