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My Struggle With Self To Accept My Pregnancy Body- Heartfelt note about SELF LOVE

My husband and I had been eagerly waiting to have a child. We wanted to expand our little world and were super excited when we conceived our firstborn Avyaan!

Well, like everyone else, I was not prepared for the changes lying ahead.

No one really tells you what a pregnant woman goes through.. and postpartum is just another story! Despite all the support, the new mom experience is extremely lonely I feel. It's not easy but definitely worth it :)

Within the first few weeks of pregnancy, I felt my boobs were bigger already. My pants felt uncomfortable around the belly.

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4 Secrets For Pregnancy Skincare in Winters

Hey Mama, enjoying the winter bump? Layering up and staying cosy feels great but we hear you. Unwanted dryness and skin issues also rise during winters.

Dry skin makes you feel itchy and can increase stretch marks to some extent. And we all love smooth hydrated supple skin, don't we? Here are a few tips for pregnancy winter glow:

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