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Pregnancy Affirmations For A Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase but also challenging and stressful for many! No matter how much we try, sometimes we feel uncertain and stressed. We all know that we must have happy positive thoughts to raise happy children.

It is a proven fact that daily affirmations reduce stress and anxiety and make us feel confident. It is about practise, daily practise!!

So here are some powerful affirmations to rewire the brain and simulate positive feelings thereby impacting our future generations:

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    How To Get Your Baby To Sleep - All You Need To Know!

    One question that everyone is going to ask you as a new mom is- Does your baby sleep through the night? ! How we wish babies could sleep well and undisturbed as we enjoy our babies a lot more when we are well-rested.

    Initial months with the baby are generally very hard for the parents. But you can follow these simple tips to help the baby sleep better:

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