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5 Super Foods That Every Pregnant Woman Must Have

Pregnancy can be a really challenging time you can go from wanting to eat a truckload of junk to totally hating the sight of it. Don’t worry it's normal and almost everyone goes through it.

That being said, you must take care of your body well and eat food that is rich in nutritional value. Below we give you a list of 5 superfoods that will totally help you rock your pregnancy:

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How To Get Your Baby To Sleep - All You Need To Know!

One question that everyone is going to ask you as a new mom is- Does your baby sleep through the night? ! How we wish babies could sleep well and undisturbed as we enjoy our babies a lot more when we are well-rested.

Initial months with the baby are generally very hard for the parents. But you can follow these simple tips to help the baby sleep better:

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5 Crazy (But Normal) Things About Newborns

Having a baby is pure bliss! As parents, we try hard to prepare our selves to welcome the baby. But let's accept it, no matter how much you try, babies will always take you by surprise, especially if you are a first-time parent.

Here are 5 weird (but normal) things that newborn babies do:

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