5 Crazy (But Normal) Things About Newborns

Having a baby is pure bliss! As parents, we try hard to prepare our selves to welcome the baby. But let's accept it, no matter how much you try, babies will always take you by surprise, especially if you are a first-time parent.

Here are 5 weird (but normal) things that new born babies do:

1. Sudden jerky movements

As a new parent, you might get scared when your baby suddenly makes a jerky movement. But its all a part of the developments that are taking place in the body. Reflexes are getting developed and sudden jerks are just a sign of changes in the body. In fact, as per doctors you should worry if these jerks are not there, not otherwise.

Hypnagogic Jerk: Why Do Our Bodies Twitch Before Falling Asleep?

2. Cross eyed

In the beginning, it takes some time for the babies to exercise muscle control and get used to their abilities including sight. Hence, at times babies appear to be cross- eyed which gets normal by six months mostly as per experts. If it takes longer, you must enquire with your doctor. 

Eye examinations for babies | BabyCenter

3. Oddly shaped head

Birthing is a tiring and painful process not only for the moms, but also for the babies. The baby applies pressure to reach the birth canal and the process can change the shape of the head. Baby's head and skin is very delicate at the time of birth. Many a times, lying on one side also flatens the head a bit. It is thus, suggested to make the baby sleep on both sides alternatively. Our grannies used to suggest the use of 'rai pillow' for shaping the head.

Baby Anti Roll & Flat Head Protection Pillow – Mommy's Basics

4. Frequent sneezing

New born babies are highly sensitive initially and adjusting to the new world. They are still developing their immunity due to which they sneeze frequently. Sometimes it is to clear the nasal passage of foreign particles, amniotic fluid or extra mucus. babies can sneeze in the sun also with sudden change of environment. It may not always be cold. However, feel free to ask your paediatrician in case you are worried.

Newborn Sneezing: Is It a Cold or Something Else?

5. Swollen genitals

This may take you by a surprise - the private parts of the babies appear larger than you would expect at the time of birth. In the case of a boy, fluid in the sac around the testes makes the little parts look big. But don't worry, the swelling will disappear as the fluid flushes out with his pee naturally. Similarly, for girls, swelling will be fine after a few days of delivery.

New mom and diapering issues.How to take care. | diaper issues ...

Isn't it amazing to know how babies have been created with such intricate details and surprises!

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