5 Super Foods That Every Pregnant Woman Must Have

5 Super Foods That Every Pregnant Woman Must Have

Pregnancy can be a really weird time for our bodies because of the plethora of changes that take place - you can go from wanting to eat a truck load of junk to totally hating the sight of it. Don’t worry its normal and almost everyone goes through it. That being said, you must take care of your body and eat food that is rich in nutritional value. Below we give you a list of 5 super foods that will totally help you rock your pregnancy.

1. Avacado

Fruits are full of all kinds of healthy nutrients (for mom and baby); we especially like avocados because they contain healthy omega-3 fats, which are good for helping the development of your baby’s brain. Like guac? No problem, just easy on the chips.


2. Chia Seeds

This grain contains fiber and omega-3 fats, which have been shown to help ward off pregnancy depression. The seeds also help inhibit the speed in which sugar is absorbed, to help your baby grow with less chance of swings in blood sugar. Mix them in yogurt or sprinkle on salads or cereal.


3. Chicken And Whole Wheat Combo

The protein in lean meat - such as skinless chicken or turkey—keeps you feeling satiated and helps you hold on to muscle mass, which is important for handling the physical demands of pregnancy (Aim for 71 grams of protein a day from lean meats or vegetarian sources, such as low-fat yogurt)

Having whole-grain bread means you’re getting complex carbs, which take longer for your body to digest. Simple carbs, such as those found in white bread, raise your blood sugar level, which requires your body to make more insulin.


4. Prunes

Loaded with the goodness of fiber, Prunes keep your digestive system running smoothly. A diet rich in fiber decreases the risk of developing Preeclampsia.


5. Spinach

Popeye loves spinach, you should too. Loaded with folic acid, a B vitamin that helps protect against neural-tube defects.

SO this wraps up our top 5 super foods to have during pregnancy! Happy Eating!

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