Pregnant During Covid Times? 7 Ways to Deal With Anxiety and Stress

Pregnant During Covid Times? 7 Ways to Deal With Anxiety and Stress

Pregnancy is an experience of a lifetime - filled with joy, excitement, nervousness and sometimes anxiety about how things will turn out to be. We have so many questions in our mind all the time -  Will I be able to bear the pain post-delivery? Will I be able to manage my child, work, and home? Why am I not feeling any kicks today? Is the baby growing perfectly?... All these questions may lead to anxiety or nervousness. 

During my first trimester, I was mostly tired and had excessive nausea. In my second trimester, I started feeling better but was mostly nervous about everything that was happening around me. 

Anxiety during pregnancy can be due to hormonal changes or the stress around us in general. If you feel sleep deprivation, restlessness or irritation most of the time, then these might be symptoms of anxiety.

Don't worry, here are 8 ways to deal with stress and anxiety:

1. Breathing exercises: Deep breathing for 15 minutes daily works like magic. It calms us down, increases concentration and reduces stress. Breathing exercises during pregnancy benefits the baby's growth too.

2. Meditation: Try meditation for 15-30 minutes daily. Morning is preferred as it can set the tone of the day. Accompanied with soothing music it can do wonders. You will feel more focused and in control.

3. Yoga: The most effective practice that relaxes you and helps you feel better is yoga in my experience. It boosts your energy levels and improves balance, strength and flexibility. 

4. Walk: I enjoy walking for 20 minutes with my favourite songs playing. It makes me feel active and really de-stresses instantly.

5. Music: Music has a powerful influence on us. It not only reduces stress and depression but has also proved to reduce pain. It is a therapy in itself.


6. Warm bath: A relaxing bath in warm water with some candles around is like our own mini-spa at home. Make that effort to pamper yourself. You deserve it!

7. Head massage: A nice 'champi' or head massage relaxes the nerves and make us feel lighter. It improves blood circulation and reduces anxiety.

Try these, prioritise your mental health and drop in a comment if any of these helps you too. It will encourage other mothers to try too :)

Written by Momzjoy Super Mom, Anita Desai 


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