10 Ways To Entertain Kids At Home

Toddlers are full of energy and are always on a lookout to try something new.

But since we all are stuck at home for a couple of days, how do we keep them busy? With no school and classes, how can we ensure they are learning during quarantine as well? And not to forget the extra energy. phew!! How to channelize this energy?

If your patience is being tested, turn to these ideas to keep your toddler busy and entertained:

1. Try hand painting- Kids love colors. try hand painting to make them feel the texture of paints and just create a beautiful mess!

Preschool Hand Paint Clipart

2. Stone painting- Experiment with colors on stone or flower pots to make ladybirds, bees and caterpillar!

How To Make Minions Paint For Kids, Rock Painting - Coloring ...

3. Read a book- You must start reading to your kids 8months onwards as suggested by experts. If they develop a reading habit they will have access to unlimited knowledge.

Make Your Child the Star with a My Name Book | I See Me!

4. Bake a cake- 'Yummy yummy in my tummy', bake with your child and make them appreciate food in a fun way

8 Easy and Quick Cake Recipes for Kids

5. Learn shapes - Segregate household items to teach shapes such as circular rotis, triangular tissues

Why do babies give you things?

6. Make cardboard castle- Use waste cardboard to make a castle and then paint 

Cardboard Castle DIY Art - DIY Crafts - YouTube

7. Make toddler-friendly slime- Create your own slime as babies love feeling it

Homemade Safe Slime Recipes - Indoindians.com

8. Put ribbons or streamers on the fan- Who knows a toddler who doesn't like fans? Put streamers or ribbons on fans and see your baby getting fascinated when the fan moves

fan   fan

9. Make rainbow rice- Paint rice in different colours to make your own rainbow

Rice Rainbow in a Cup | Learning 4 Kids

10. Paint a T-shirt- Get creative and paint a Tshirt which will be a memory for life!


11. Write a story- Develop your child's reading and writing skills by encouraging her to think and build on a story


12. Play pillow fight- This is a fun family game and a great stress buster

Medium shot family members fighting with pillows Free Photo

13. Have a movie day- Can't go to the theatre but you can surely turn home into a theatre. Make popcorn and enjoy munching with your munchkin

Portrait of family watching a movie Free Photo

14. Do Yoga- Practise simple stretching and breathing exercises with children and see how much they enjoy it

Mother and daughter doing yoga Free Photo

15. Have a tea party- Remember how we used to have tea parties as kids? Let's give them these unforgettable memories too. Have a tea party and let your kids imagine unconditionally

When Working Moms Play with Kids Like This, They Grow to Become ...


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