Silver Linings : 6 Learnings During Coronavirus Crisis

Silver Linings : 6 Learnings During Coronavirus Crisis

As news about COVID-19 dominates and concern is rising every day, Momzjoy would like to remind you that taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. A strong mind can help us better tackle this situation of uncertainty.

Sometimes I feel that all this is to teach us, humans, the value of life. We need to slow down and enjoy the small moments that actually matter in the end. I have been reflecting during these few days at home only to realize that we won't be the same once all this is over. We will definitely be changed and more responsible citizens, and humans above all!

Here are 6 lessons from my personal experience:

1. Appreciate nature

Earth is probably taking a break from us humans. Air quality is better with minimal human intervention. We can now hear the birds chirping, we can see the flowers blossoming; we can truly appreciate nature now. We should appreciate these miracles and rejuvenate.

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2. Don't take anything for granted

Wearing a mask and gasping fresh air makes me wonder how I have been taking breathing for granted all this while. Our right to freedom, just going out when we feel like, going for a drive, traveling the world- it's all a bliss. We should be thankful for everything, from waking up healthy in the morning to having access to clean water, air, and food-everything.

Close up portrait of happy and beautiful young woman relax… | Flickr

3. Importance of Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is a must and nature is making us re-learn this fact. We need to wash our hands often and not touch surfaces and our faces. Disinfecting our house and offices should be done regularly too.

How to wash your hands properly, according to doctors

4. Lead a simple life

Have home-cooked food, don't waste food and other essentials. We should stay connected with our loved ones, maybe stay more indoors. Help the needy and lead a simple yet powerful life.

Why Home Cooking Always Beats Takeout

5. Don't be in a rat race

We probably don't need to push ourselves so much as we are realizing that work can mostly be managed remotely, thanks to technology. Nothing is more important than health, Nothing!

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6. Appreciate the small moments

Celebrate every day with your family and loved ones. Just spending time together playing, cooking, walking- these are all priceless moments that we are blessed to have. See your baby grow up, spend time with your aging parents and have gratitude for it all.

Family | Philadelphia Church of God

Let's take a moment to thank our caretakers - from doctors to everyone else involved, who are risking their lives to make sure that we are safe at home. Let's be positive and happy and reflect on the perspective. And yes, don't let that smile go away. We are in this together and we will come out stronger! 

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